Track Keyword Tool! Track your Keyword Ranking Easily!

There are many tools for track your keyword ranking such as traffic travis, rank tracker, jaaxy, and many more… Around these 3 weeks, I found out that traffic travis and jaaxy is the best. Below I’ll tell you why these 2 tools is the best.

What’s the Point on Tracking Your Keyword Ranking ?

Maybe some of you didn’t know why we must track our keyword. The answer is, what is the point if you’re targeting for ranked on 1 keyword, but you didn’t know where your site are on that keyword? Nothing.. So it’s really important to keep track your keyword because it is your target. From this data alone, you can know what you must do next to make your keyword raise in ranking.

The Best Track Keyword Tool on Internet

Like I said, I’ll tell you about Traffic Travis and Jaaxy for this. I personally always use Traffic Travis because it’s easy to track the rank.. I’ll give you a sample of screenshot below for keyword tracking on Traffic Travis.

traffic travis


If the image is hard to see, just click the image and you’ll see the full image size. As you can see, there are keyword list on many search engine, rank ( current rank ), previous ( previous rank before update ), top ( the highest keyword rank position all the time ), best page ( which page shown up on search engine for that keyword ).

What do you think? It’s really a good software right? But the problem is, I don’t know since when, but the latest traffic travis can’t update all this data. Maybe search engine update their algorithm and traffic travis didn’t know it. I don’t know about this, but because of this, I’m trying a new one for me. This tools called jaaxy.

The system is web based. There are free, pro, and enterprise account. Right now I’m using the pro account. I’ll show you screenshot how this keyword tool display our keyword ranking track.

jaaxy track keyword tool


As you can see, basically it’s the same as traffic travis, but the view is different. On the left, it’s my tracked keyword and the position on google. And the right is showing you the prove that you’re in that position on google. And jaaxy always up to date. Never forget to update to the latest algorithm. That’s what I like about jaaxy. But, the best feature on jaaxy isn’t it’s track keyword tool, but for keyword research ! I can easily found golden keyword just within 1 minute. ( Note : This is apply if we already know which topic we’re in ).

Final Conclusion

Right now, I’m using jaaxy for tracking my keyword ( since it’s good and I already paid for it ^^ ). But remember, traffic travis is also good if it’s up to date. It can track your keyword on 3 search engine and from many country ( for local competition ). The 3 search engine are Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

That’s it for now, I’d hope that I’ll help you with this to know which tool that can you use for track your keyword. If you have any question or comment, just drop it below ^^.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :D

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High Conversion Rate Website Content! How to Achieve It?

If we’re talking about conversion rate, the first thing we must know is “KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE“. But it’s not only that, there are many things that can make your website content has good conversion rate or not. I don’t know how much you know about conversion rate, and how much you’re making money now, but I’ll just assume that you’re just a newbie and want to learning so it will be clear for you all ^^.


What is Conversion Rate in Web Business ?

Conversion rate on web business ( or maybe just called it web content ) is a percentage of how much people clicking on your link, your ads, or maybe even your product link when they’re got into your webpage content based on how much traffic you got.

Just for an example, if you’re getting 500 traffic a day and have 10 person clicking your product, that’s mean you have 10 buyer potential. And what is the conversion rate value?

CR = Click/Traffic * 100% ” This is the simple formula, so the result will be : 2% . And is it good or not? It’s relative, it’s depend how you’re expecting it to be. But, for general it’s a low conversion rate. :) . And how do we increase it?


Know What you Must Do and Type

First, you must know your reader, your audience. Reach their condition, know their problem, and know the solution they want. Get trust from them, this is naturally will be build when they know that you know their problem,condition and solution.

For example, your product is RPG Game ( Once more, this is just an example ).

Example A) Try this game! This is a good game! The features is much and have detailed graphics. You can move around to move the character. Come on, try this one!

Example B) Are you bored with the same gameplay for every RPG Game? Nothing flexible within the game? We’ll introduce you to the NEW RPG SYSTEM CONCEPT! You’re the controller, moving your character with moving your body! And many other great & flexible features! Find it out Now !


Now, what do you think have the best conversion rate? It’s so obvious example B will be the winner. :) . Why? It’s because we reach the possibility of what gamers want, what the weakness of current gaming world. As a player, I really want to try new gameplay and me as a new controller, but they don’t even know what they need. They just think “I’m bored.. already 3 years that all new RPG have gameplay system like this. The different is just in graphics, quest, and skill name”.

When we know that’s their problem ( through research first ), We’ll find the solution, and introduce them to your solution. If there is a problem, there is a solution too. And when we provide this, we will gain their trust because they will think “wow, he has the same experience like I did too..”. From their trust, they will keep reading and clicking to the RPG Game link you provide them.



There are many way to approach your audience, but what you must know first is who is your audience. Know what their problem and getting them a solution. I think this is clear enough :) .


Hope it will help you, but if you’re confused or have a comment, just drop comment below ^^.. Enjoy!

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What to Do After Google Keyword Tool Died ?

We all know that almost all people doing keyword research using “Google Keyword Tool” because their free and it’s a really good way to research keyword. What do people using Google Keyword Tool actually? Yes, I admit it that it’s good and free, but google keyword tool just show us search result from google search engine. What about the other search engine? Don’t you care about it? lol..

gkt no longer available

Do you Afraid That Google Keyword Tool will No Longer Available?

If your answer is “YES“, I’ll assume that you just using google keyword tool as your keyword research tool. For me, I’m not even afraid of it, because I’m doing keyword research for all search engine. Not only google, my source traffic is from all search engine :) .

Of course you can do the same, but we must know what the best other keyword tool, and what the best cheap keyword tool if you want to do fast keyword research.


What the Other Keyword Tool have that Google Keyword Tool Don’t?

There are many things that Google keyword tool can’t do. First, For example, you can know total Global Search and Local Search from that keyword. But, from newbie point of view, he can’t even know how much traffic will they get if they become no.1 on search engine.

Second, as you know it as well… You can’t know total REAL competitor in search engine. How you can win the competition if you don’t even know how much your competition are? The answer is “Only Luck can make you win!”. It means you don’t know that keyword has a little competition and you win that ( It’s a luck :) ). But luck is good too! I don’t mean it bad, but you want to know better than just winning based on luck. At least that’s my own opinion. :)

Third, google doesn’t have indicator/filter to show us what is the best keyword to go. I think this is natural because if google revealed it all, more people will start crazy promoting website using the same keyword. But don’t forget this is a good feature that keyword tool must have.



I have found the best keyword tool for me that have all that features including Total Search Per Month, Estimation of Total Traffic we Got if we’re ranking one, Total Real Competition, Green Sign if it’s a good keyword to go ( It means low competition and have better total search / month ). If you want to see what I use now, just click here.


I have share to you what I’m using for doing keyword research for good. Have you any other idea? So we can share each other :) . If yes, just put comment below ^^.. Enjoy!

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The Best Free Internet Marketing Training Online! Check This Out !!

I have research about internet marketing training online and offline, and found it really expensive.. The rates are between $200/month to $6000/month . Actually it’s maybe more than that, but that’s the most expensive one that I found. And within my searching for cheap internet marketing training online, I found one that makes me interested.. Actually, it’s not one but two!
Free Internet Marketing Training

I read those two to choose one the best and the cheapest one of course :) . After reading and reading, I found out more that this one program give a FREE training ! “I’ll Check this out first!” , That’s what I think when I look at word “FREE“. Oh yeah, you don’t know my background and how much time I spend on learning internet marketing before. For make this clear for you, I’ll tell you a little about my journey on internet marketing.

I already learn internet marketing about 4-5 years, and still didn’t get anything. Actually I get the knowledge, how to do this and this and many more, but I still can’t make money from it! I even try blackhat internet marketing. There are many software, forum that share about blackhat. I can say it now, if you want to success at blackhat you must prepare your self to get banned and banned and so on…. I’m tired of it and get back into whitehat internet marketing. And from one point, I’m really tired learning this by my self and I want to have someone who can guide me to success at this. This is my background why I’m searching for internet marketing training.


Why I’m not success even if I already know everything ?

Word “EVERYTHING” is what we get if we think like that! I’ve learn from internet and I found everything I want. But there are many sources of knowledge, I don’t even know who’s right, who’s wrong. At the moment, I realize that I know very much about internet marketing, but I don’t know step by step how to do the technique , what is the good time to do it, what’s the most important aspect on my site, how can I achieve high conversion rate on my page and many more.

Then, I joined this free internet marketing online, I put my mindset “This time, I’ll just follow the guide, do not want to step to much, just do it step by step like this training said”. To tell you the truth, I put my mindset like that because I already feel tired to learning more with nothing to gain. BUT, this time I really grateful to follow this free internet marketing training. Now, I know the ESSENCE of internet marketing, and to me right now, it’s easy to get real targeted traffic, of course it’s easy to make money too ^^. But, please note this, there are no magic word like “make money today“! Please remember that internet marketing is a business too, and you can achieve success faster than offline business IF you know how to do it RIGHT!


Free Internet Marketing Training Online? What we can get from free things??

First, I don’t think it will work, but with my desperate situation, I would like to try and found it’s really good. Before this, I already make a review about this site, so you’ll maybe need to view it first. Now, what will you learn from this free training ? I’ll make it’s point :

  • Step by Step what you must do to achieve success in internet marketing. It has 5 courses level with 10 training each courses. Follow all this training each courses will make your internet marketing foundation really good. After passing all this courses, you’ll find out that you can do internet marketing by yourself because right now you know what you must do!
  • How to build a good site. What is a good site exactly? Know this and you can make an authority website by yourself, getting ranked on google, receive targeted traffic, and money ^^.
  • How to build site that help people. While helping people, we still can get money. It’s a good thing to know right? :) ..
  • What makes our page highly converting? You must know how a person think, and with this, you can convert much than you know.
  • How to do keyword research the right way and get the golden keyword easily. This is very important guys, with these we can get ranked on page one google easily. And it’s not just an ordinary keyword, but it is a golden keyword! Low competition and High Traffic. You will learn this too at this free training. Found out what does google hides from us when doing keyword research !!
  • How can you make a good original article even if you’re not a writer? Wow… I learn much from this ! I know I’m not the best writer, but right now I can easily make an article within 400 words or more ! EASILY ! I can even make an article even if I don’t know what is the topic about ! This is a must for internet marketing ^^. After you can do this, you can always leverage it.
  • How to getting the traffic! Highly targeted traffic, not much work time but you’ll receive traffic forever to your site! This is a winning training for you! Please take a note, that’s not only one way to get the best traffic!
  • And lastly how to make money from it! This is what internet marketing all about!

That’s what I learn so much from free internet marketing. Right now I already trying make 2 website and trying to get traffic from search engine and many more. I can tell you that it’s easy to ranked on google and get traffic ^^. That’s if you know the essence of internet marketing. So, to join this internet marketing training, you must put on your mindset that you’ll follow the guide STEP BY STEP ! And I’ll guarantee you’ll feeling the way I’m right now or maybe even better. ^^.


Join right now at this free training : Click Here . And if you need help, you can always send a message to me.. This is my profile link in that place : Click Here .



That’s all what I can introduce you about this free internet marketing training. It’s a high quality training, trust me! Remember to discipline yourself, don’t want to skip the courses, just do step by step. And you’ll understand the essence ^^. But if it’s still not, you can always contact me! ^^. I’ll help you the best I can.

If you have a question or comment, just drop it below ^^. Thanks for reading :D

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Best Url Shortener to Make Money in 2013

To choose the best url shortener program, we must know the best element we need which is trust, credibility, and of course it must always life for a long time or maybe forever. And from a long time I already playing around with URL Shortener and I can tell you which one is the best !

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one thing. Good URL Shortener program needs to be always paid their member! :) When doing it the right way, it will become a passive income guys.

After reading and know what the best URL Shortener for you, please read more below because I’ll give you a couple how to think to make money easily from this :) . Yes real easy, no bluff.


2 Most Stable and Still Alive URL Shortener

AdfLyA) Adf.Ly . I really prefer this site! Why? For me, it’s paying for a high rate and it is really paid me well. This site already have a schedule when to pay us, and from what I’m experiencing, it’s always on time :) .

Maybe you’re wandering how much high the rate of this program, see below to see the current rates… ( I take this data at 23 July 2013 )

Country Interstitials CPV Top Banner CPM
Unique Raw Unique Raw
United States $8.48 $3.92 $0.68 $0.50
Canada $1.79 $1.18 $0.59 $0.30
United Kingdom $4.33 $2.46 $0.83 $0.48
Australia $2.69 $1.64 $0.71 $0.36
Iraq $4.29 $2.95 $0.10 $0.10
South Africa $4.12 $2.19 $0.40 $0.26
Netherlands $3.30 $1.68 $0.50 $0.30
Switzerland $3.06 $1.74 $0.31 $0.20
Norway $2.85 $1.46 $0.42 $0.21
France $2.80 $1.42 $0.13 $0.10
Poland $2.73 $1.51 $0.18 $0.14
Spain $2.70 $1.30 $0.36 $0.22
United Arab Emirates $2.67 $1.85 $0.32 $0.25
Belgium $2.53 $1.48 $0.41 $0.27
Germany $2.44 $1.36 $0.35 $0.23
Iceland $2.34 $1.13 $0.38 $0.20
Austria $2.32 $1.14 $0.27 $0.19
Sweden $2.31 $1.28 $0.49 $0.26
Italy $2.30 $1.26 $0.29 $0.21
Ireland $2.25 $1.48 $0.58 $0.33
Czech Republic $2.09 $1.13 $0.11 $0.10
Kenya $2.07 $1.05 $0.13 $0.10
Slovakia $2.05 $1.11 $0.10 $0.10
Jordan $2.02 $1.23 $0.13 $0.10
Saudi Arabia $2.02 $1.06 $0.26 $0.18
Peru $1.91 $1.06 $0.18 $0.10
Denmark $1.90 $1.00 $0.45 $0.25
Finland $1.84 $1.00 $0.39 $0.21
Ecuador $1.76 $1.07 $0.26 $0.15
Latvia $1.66 $1.06 $0.25 $0.19
Mexico $1.65 $0.87 $0.15 $0.10
Hong Kong $1.59 $0.99 $0.10 $0.10
Turkey $1.59 $0.86 $0.17 $0.10
Qatar $1.43 $0.70 $0.18 $0.11
Nigeria $1.39 $0.62 $0.12 $0.10
New Zealand $1.38 $0.92 $0.68 $0.37
Cuba $1.34 $0.50 $0.10 $0.10
Philippines $1.31 $0.50 $0.10 $0.10
Cyprus $1.27 $0.91 $0.11 $0.10
Ghana $1.27 $0.50 $0.13 $0.10
Greece $1.24 $0.79 $0.10 $0.10
Israel $1.23 $0.60 $0.16 $0.10
Singapore $1.22 $0.91 $0.46 $0.30
Bahrain $1.22 $0.55 $0.16 $0.10
Macao $1.20 $0.56 $0.16 $0.10
Luxembourg $1.18 $0.58 $0.13 $0.10
Slovenia $1.12 $0.56 $0.13 $0.10
Argentina $1.12 $0.61 $0.15 $0.10
Cote D’ivoire $1.10 $0.56 $0.14 $0.10
Guatemala $1.10 $0.71 $0.19 $0.10
Bulgaria $1.09 $0.56 $0.11 $0.10
Panama $1.07 $0.56 $0.16 $0.10
Myanmar $1.05 $0.46 $0.12 $0.10
Eritrea $1.04 $0.50 $0.05 $0.03
China $1.03 $0.59 $0.10 $0.10
Lithuania $1.01 $0.56 $0.16 $0.10
Togo $1.01 $0.43 $0.05 $0.03
Portugal $1.00 $0.64 $0.11 $0.11
Russian Federation $1.00 $0.57 $0.19 $0.11
Georgia $1.00 $0.50 $0.12 $0.10
Armenia $0.97 $0.56 $0.16 $0.10
India $0.94 $0.50 $0.17 $0.11
Ukraine $0.93 $0.50 $0.14 $0.10
Serbia $0.91 $0.50 $0.10 $0.10
Marshall Islands $0.91 $0.49 $0.20 $0.10
Tonga $0.90 $0.44 $0.05 $0.03
Estonia $0.88 $0.50 $0.19 $0.12
Colombia $0.87 $0.53 $0.17 $0.10
Brazil $0.86 $0.55 $0.18 $0.14
Egypt $0.84 $0.46 $0.10 $0.10
Croatia $0.84 $0.50 $0.10 $0.10
Taiwan $0.83 $0.50 $0.11 $0.10
Dominican Republic $0.82 $0.49 $0.20 $0.10
Romania $0.82 $0.55 $0.10 $0.10
Morocco $0.82 $0.46 $0.14 $0.10
Cambodia $0.81 $0.34 $0.13 $0.08
Wallis And Futuna $0.80 $0.43 $0.05 $0.03
Bosnia And Herzegovina $0.80 $0.51 $0.10 $0.10
Moldova, Republic Of $0.78 $0.50 $0.13 $0.10
Kiribati $0.78 $0.50 $0.05 $0.03
Burundi $0.74 $0.44 $0.10 $0.10
Hungary $0.73 $0.47 $0.11 $0.10
Papua New Guinea $0.73 $0.40 $0.05 $0.03
Palau $0.72 $0.40 $0.05 $0.03
San Marino $0.72 $0.38 $0.10 $0.10
Comoros $0.71 $0.41 $0.05 $0.03
Uganda $0.71 $0.38 $0.12 $0.10
Rwanda $0.71 $0.38 $0.10 $0.10
Bangladesh $0.68 $0.45 $0.13 $0.10
Saint Kitts And Nevis $0.68 $0.35 $0.05 $0.03
Thailand $0.68 $0.32 $0.10 $0.10
Tanzania, United Republic Of $0.67 $0.45 $0.12 $0.10
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of $0.67 $0.47 $0.11 $0.10
Malaysia $0.66 $0.48 $0.18 $0.12
Monaco $0.66 $0.37 $0.10 $0.10
Lesotho $0.65 $0.33 $0.05 $0.03
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The $0.65 $0.36 $0.10 $0.10
Indonesia $0.65 $0.26 $0.10 $0.07
Japan $0.65 $0.52 $0.30 $0.18
Northern Mariana Islands $0.64 $0.36 $0.10 $0.10
Algeria $0.64 $0.45 $0.10 $0.10
Uruguay $0.64 $0.45 $0.15 $0.10
Sri Lanka $0.64 $0.45 $0.13 $0.10
Lebanon $0.64 $0.43 $0.10 $0.10
Guam $0.64 $0.37 $0.10 $0.10
Seychelles $0.63 $0.36 $0.20 $0.10
Zimbabwe $0.63 $0.37 $0.10 $0.10
Chad $0.63 $0.43 $0.05 $0.03
Montenegro $0.63 $0.42 $0.10 $0.10
Libya $0.63 $0.43 $0.14 $0.10
Andorra $0.63 $0.36 $0.10 $0.10
Brunei Darussalam $0.62 $0.39 $0.10 $0.10
Madagascar $0.62 $0.37 $0.11 $0.10
Grenada $0.62 $0.35 $0.05 $0.03
Ethiopia $0.62 $0.37 $0.10 $0.10
Congo $0.62 $0.36 $0.10 $0.10
French Polynesia $0.61 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Djibouti $0.61 $0.37 $0.10 $0.10
Zambia $0.61 $0.36 $0.10 $0.10
Tunisia $0.60 $0.43 $0.12 $0.10
Bahamas $0.60 $0.35 $0.13 $0.10
Botswana $0.60 $0.36 $0.14 $0.10
Bhutan $0.59 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Mali $0.59 $0.36 $0.10 $0.10
Antigua And Barbuda $0.59 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Gambia $0.59 $0.36 $0.10 $0.10
Montserrat $0.59 $0.32 $0.05 $0.03
Benin $0.59 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Malawi $0.59 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Gibraltar $0.59 $0.36 $0.10 $0.10
Niger $0.58 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Samoa $0.58 $0.33 $0.05 $0.03
Somalia $0.58 $0.37 $0.05 $0.03
Sierra Leone $0.58 $0.35 $0.05 $0.03
Cameroon $0.58 $0.36 $0.10 $0.10
Saint Lucia $0.57 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Bolivia $0.57 $0.41 $0.17 $0.10
Guyana $0.57 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Turkmenistan $0.57 $0.43 $0.05 $0.03
Fiji $0.57 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Albania $0.57 $0.39 $0.11 $0.10
Burkina Faso $0.57 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
New Caledonia $0.57 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Belize $0.56 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines $0.56 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Cape Verde $0.56 $0.34 $0.12 $0.10
Mozambique $0.56 $0.36 $0.10 $0.10
Liechtenstein $0.56 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Suriname $0.55 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Namibia $0.55 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Dominica $0.55 $0.32 $0.10 $0.10
Saint Pierre And Miquelon $0.55 $0.37 $0.05 $0.03
Sao Tome And Principe $0.55 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Cayman Islands $0.54 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Bermuda $0.54 $0.32 $0.10 $0.10
Aruba $0.54 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Mayotte $0.54 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Mauritania $0.54 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Faroe Islands $0.54 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Barbados $0.54 $0.36 $0.10 $0.10
Lao People’s Democratic Republic $0.53 $0.39 $0.11 $0.10
Afghanistan $0.52 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Angola $0.52 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Venezuela $0.52 $0.43 $0.37 $0.19
American Samoa $0.52 $0.41 $0.05 $0.03
French Guiana $0.51 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Haiti $0.51 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Malta $0.51 $0.35 $0.11 $0.10
Gabon $0.51 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Honduras $0.51 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Vietnam $0.50 $0.26 $0.09 $0.08
Maldives $0.50 $0.35 $0.13 $0.10
Swaziland $0.50 $0.37 $0.10 $0.10
Liberia $0.50 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Equatorial Guinea $0.50 $0.35 $0.05 $0.03
Saint Helena $0.50 $0.50 $0.05 $0.03
Kuwait $0.50 $0.38 $0.10 $0.10
Guadeloupe $0.50 $0.34 $0.13 $0.10
Greenland $0.49 $0.31 $0.05 $0.03
Chile $0.49 $0.38 $0.16 $0.10
Iran, Islamic Republic Of $0.48 $0.40 $0.11 $0.10
Senegal $0.48 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Réunion $0.48 $0.36 $0.10 $0.10
Jamaica $0.48 $0.34 $0.11 $0.10
Kyrgyzstan $0.48 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Timor-Leste $0.48 $0.38 $0.05 $0.03
Mauritius $0.48 $0.36 $0.11 $0.10
Vanuatu $0.48 $0.34 $0.05 $0.03
Tajikistan $0.47 $0.33 $0.05 $0.03
Mongolia $0.47 $0.36 $0.11 $0.10
Netherlands Antilles $0.47 $0.36 $0.05 $0.03
Guinea $0.47 $0.35 $0.05 $0.03
Kazakhstan $0.47 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Anguilla $0.46 $0.28 $0.05 $0.03
Yemen $0.46 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Belarus $0.45 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Uzbekistan $0.45 $0.32 $0.13 $0.10
Aland Islands $0.45 $0.37 $0.05 $0.03
Nicaragua $0.45 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Korea, Republic Of $0.45 $0.46 $0.10 $0.10
Martinique $0.45 $0.32 $0.10 $0.10
Trinidad And Tobago $0.44 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Turks And Caicos Islands $0.44 $0.31 $0.10 $0.10
Paraguay $0.44 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Nepal $0.43 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Sudan $0.43 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Guernsey $0.42 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Solomon Islands $0.42 $0.33 $0.05 $0.03
Oman $0.41 $0.33 $0.11 $0.10
Pakistan $0.40 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Azerbaijan $0.40 $0.32 $0.11 $0.10
Costa Rica $0.39 $0.35 $0.10 $0.10
Virgin Islands, U.S. $0.39 $0.34 $0.10 $0.10
Jersey $0.37 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Virgin Islands, British $0.37 $0.33 $0.10 $0.10
Isle Of Man $0.37 $0.30 $0.10 $0.10
Puerto Rico $0.36 $0.34 $0.11 $0.10
Saint Martin $0.36 $0.33 $0.05 $0.03
Micronesia, Federated States Of $0.36 $0.32 $0.05 $0.03
Palestinian Territory, Occupied $0.35 $0.31 $0.10 $0.10
Syrian Arab Republic $0.35 $0.31 $0.10 $0.10
El Salvador $0.33 $0.32 $0.11 $0.10
Central African Republic $0.32 $0.30 $0.05 $0.03
Cook Islands $0.30 $0.30 $0.05 $0.03
Holy See (Vatican City State) $0.30 $0.30 $0.05 $0.03
All other countries $0.25 – $2.00 $0.06 – $0.22

See? For a TRUSTED URL Shortener, it is the best rates you can get ! If you like to register, just click here.


B) Linkbucks . This is the second one, I like this site because it’s so free. Almost no rules. But that’s not the point here I think ^^. Linkbucks has low payout rate, but it’s credibility is really high. It has already open since a really long long time. But I still prefer up there :) . What the real different between linkbucks and adfly is linkbucks allow adults link.


If you are interest on joining linkbucks, you can just click here.


Promotion Method for URL Shortener Programs

What the best site that gives you traffic even if you don’t know how to get traffic? It’s simple guys, it’s YOUTUBE ! You can just share anything and refer them to your site. When you refer your site, it’s already an shortened link ! Simple? If you get 100 per days and 10% click ratio, you can get 10 clicks per day. And it’s just from 1 video !!

And what you can share on youtube? This is just an example, but it’s really can be anything. You just needed to be creative !

Example what to share :

  • Your cat photos ! First you’ll show the visitor your cat video, and ask them to go to your site if they’re interested in your cat photos. If it’s a cat lovers, it will click the site ( url shortened ) ! 
  • Video How to. This can be anything, how to shot basketball the right way, how to passing the ball, how to learn swim in 7 days, refer them to a free ebook.
  • Share a shareware or freeware software

Share a Shareware or freeware software is the easiest way to make money from URL Shortener Program, you can shorten the download link and share them within youtube. But be careful about youtube policy. Tell it on your title if it’s a shareware or freeware program and it’s not a cracked program. If you think a shareware or freeware program not making people interested, just please don’t think like that because I already did an experiment on using freeware program, and it still converts really well !!

Video How to is the best one, because it can be anything and it can cover your hobbies, it’s targeted traffic, and you can sell something to them because it is really targeted ! If you like to play piano, you can show them how to learn classic piano from the basic.



Hard or not it’s depend on your mindset. Just take action, do an experiment, see how it goes and learn from mistakes. Repeat these steps and I’m sure you’ll get what you want !

Hope you’d like my share and I’d like to hear your input if you have anything to ask or saying. Just leave a comment below and have a good day!!

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Seopressor 5 Review 2013

Name : SeoPressor 5

Web :

Price : One time payment

Single Site : $47

Unlimited Site : $97

Overall Rank : 80 out of 100



SeoPressor is wordpress plugin that will take a role as SEO Consultant on your website. It let you know the best keyword possible to be ranked on your article, it will tell you what’s good for your article SEO and what’s not.

Do you know there is on-page SEO and off-site SEO ? Well, SEO Pressor will help you handle on-page SEO to the maximum and help you for external link too a little .



On-Page SEO and Multiple Keyword Analysis

Real-time evaluation and recommendations to improve site content for SEO. It’s essentially as though you’re having an SEO Expert right beside you and suggesting on ways to improve your site’s on-page SEO.



SEOPressor V5 now also lets you rank up to 3 keywords, making you 3 times faster, 3 times more visible and 3 times more likely to be at the top of search engines.

  • What it analyzes: Keywords in Title, H1-H3 Tags, keyword density, content length, exact placement of your keywords, images, links and font decorations.
  • It also automatically and intelligently decorates your keyword fonts and adds ALT Texts to your images.
  • SEOPressor V5 also:
    - Calculates on-page SEO Scores instantly upon refreshing
    - Possesses the Secret Algorithm that correlates with Google
    - Provides one-glance fast & easy SEO management
    - Intelligently gives suggestions on what to tweak
    - Drives red-hot organic traffic to your website
    - Runs super fast – doesn’t slow down your WordPress site like other plugins


Over-Optimization Check

Tells you if you’re optimized or over-optimized (from the score)

Have no fear as the same SEO Expert is now able to tell you if you’re over-optimized and you would easily adjust individual components to put yourself back at an optimal score.

  • Pages with higher scores have been proven to rank better on search engines, resulting in better ability to attract organic traffic.
  • Just as when you’re not sufficiently optimized, your score turns red when you’re also over-optimized
  • When you’re in the red zone, simply format your post by dropping unnecessary bolding, italicizing or underlining.Your overall score should fall within the green zone between 85% to 100%.

Social SEO

SEOPressor automatically adds OpenGraph and Twitter Cards to your pages source code so Google is able to see more relevance of content in your site and ranks you higher on SERPs.

Facebook OpenGraph tags basically describes in detail what your content is about Twittercard is a microformat which does the same thing — all for Google crawlers to find you better, and more accurately

  • Open Graph tags allow to specify how Facebook interprets your page and account for the amount of shares your content receives.
  • This also affects the quality of your Facebook shares from an SEO perspective, allowing Google to rank you higher for data content that “makes sense” to it.
  • Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link to your content.
  • Simply add a few lines of HTML to your webpages, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a “card” added to the Tweet that’s visible to all of their followers.
  • Twitter cards can give you control of how your content is displayed with Tweets, drive traffic to your site and increase your number of followers.



It’s like having a SEO Consultant on your site with cheap price and 1 time payment. Not like the real SEO Consultant that you must pay him about $100++ per Hour. And it’s advice always updated to the new rules of google panda. So it’s like having a living guide on SEO for your site.

Price is really cheap and it is one time payment. Maybe this is one of the best SEO Plugin ever on wordpress.



You can’t ask what do you want and remember this is a program, so it can be wrong sometimes. but it’s not really possible actually because it’s based on your keyword. If the software misunderstood, then it’s your grammatically error :) .

For newbie, it can be a little hard because newbie didn’t know SEO word and explanation. So I suggest you learn a little about SEO, at least a little basic and you will know the value of SEO Pressor.



This is a good wordpress plugin for your SEO, because the main reason of the website not visible at search engine is because the site owner didn’t know how to optimize and how to make it looks natural as possible. If you’re over optimizing the site for SEO, google will know it for sure. So don’t playing around with google :) . If you are completely doesn’t know about SEO, you’ll have difficulty to win against competitor site on the same niche.

SEO Pressor is your good consultant for SEO, so if you’re doing somethings wrong, he will tell you and what you need is only to fix what’s wrong and done. You’re ready to get traffic :) .

Not only for on-page SEO, but it’s good also for your social traffic as you can see on it’s features :) .


Hope it can help you :) . Enjoy your day guys ^^.

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How to Build Website from Scratch

In this page, I will show you how to build website from scratch and what do you need to make it. Building website have 2 options if you want to start form the scratch.

websiteWhat’s these options are? The first one is the easy way, and the second one of course the hard way ;) .

Why it have easy way and hard way? Simple answer, because there is a system that will make you feel easy when building website. And the hard way is learning from zero.

Just in case you want to know the fastest and easy way, you can always read my other articles about how to make website for free and less than 1 minutes .

But for you that want to make it from scratch, right now I’ll show you how to do it, where the best place to learn. I’ll make sure you know the big picture first.


What Tools do You Need ?

For starting you need a couple of web building tools. The first one is for the web server, we will use xampp for this. If you’re using windows, just choose xampp for windows and if you’re linux, choose for linux, and so on :) . The second tools we need is just a notepad actually. Of course there is a program that will make us easier for developing, but for starting it just need a notepad. But, if you want to try the program that make it easier, you can always try CodeLobster PHP Edition . It has a free trial, so you can get a grasp of developer software and maybe if you like it, then you can buy it, it’s all up to you. And now, let’s move on !


Step One : Install the Web Server

I will show you how to install the web server, and just let you know that I’m using windows xp. For make it easier, I already make a simple video on how to install it. If you already understand how to install it then you can always skip this part.

Is it clear enough? I think the answer is yes, because it just press “next” “next” “next” and “next” . But if you still confused, you can just ask me :) .

If when you type “http://localhost/” at your url bar and it goes to the page that I shown you at the video, then you are already done installing web server and we are ready to move on.


Step Two : Learn HTML Basic

Using HTML, you can make a beautiful website appearance. Well, actually it didn’t beautiful enough because it’s too simple.  For learning HTML, you can read the tutorial here. It will give you guide by guide how to learn HTML perfectly and this is what I learned too when I’m learning web programming, so I really recommend it.

Please learn this basic first if you really want to building website by your self. The basic is the most important. After you’re learning HTML, you have basic layout and designing skill on web development. And if you’re interested on being Website Designer, you should go on with learning CSS where you can find it on here to learn.

When you’re finishing HTML and CSS, you are already can make a beautiful design :) . And actually there is more to learn like JQuery, Responsive Design, Design Essential. Do you think it’s too many? Yes of course, if you want to make website your self you must learn all of these things :) . That’s if you want to be an expert on this thing. But once more, if you’re already finishing HTML and CSS , you can make a simple website already. So, there is nothing such as wasting time.


Step Three : Learn PHP & MySQL Basic

PHP is the easiest web programming language I ever had to learn. This is the most important thing you must know if you want to be a web programmer, because this is the BIG SYSTEM . You want to make a dynamic page that can change automatically based on data you have? Want to make online shop? Then you must learn this thing. Remember if you’re going to website like facebook, there is a membership system so you must login first to see others, or doing something? That can be programmed using PHP. And where our profile data recorded ? It’s recorded within database called MySQL .

MySQL is the easiest database platform from my experience. But it’s up to you if you have another opinion :) . That’s it, if you have learn PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS then you can make a FULL Website. But don’t expect it to be perfect, because you haven’t see more like security thing, beautiful effects and many many more.


I’ll tell you the truth, learning web development sure is fun. It’s really really fun, but it consume much of your time. If you need to be hurry on making website, I suggest you see this first, it helps you making site fast and free. But if you really not in the rush, learn it step by step. Don’t skip the basic because it will ruins your skill later on.



I’ll give you the link you need to learn step by step here :

1. Learn Basic HTML : Click Here

2. Learn Basic CSS : Click Here

3. Learn Basic PHP : Click Here

4. Learn Basic MySQL : Click Here


If you need to be hurry on making website, you can always Click Here.

I know for you who already can make a website, this information maybe nothing. At least for someone who really blank about this will know what path that their must walk on so they will not have a hard way to find the road to become Web Developer. I’m telling this because when I’m start studying, I didn’t have any guide and don’t know where to start. That’s why I hope this information will useful for you who are reading my article :) .


Enjoy your day and if you have a question or comment, just post it below. I’ll make sure that I’ll reply it and help you.

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How to Sell Clothes Online

How to Sell Clothes Online ? 


This question is really really often to comes up in person thoughts. Truthfully there is many ways to sell clothes online, but you must know your coverage area. How you handle the delivery cost, which is trustful supplier.

If you want to sell clothes, but don’t have your own products, you can always go to amazon affiliate program. That way, you can sell all type of clothes, many branded there and the best of it is amazon is always a really trustful website.

What do you Need to be Succeed on Selling Clothes Online ?

First, always make sure you have your own website ! That’s the most important, because this is our credibility. And always put “About Me” page so that your customer knows who’re they dealing with. If you don’t have a website, I already make some article about how to building websites for free , and a video tutorial how to make it just within 1 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or not, just simply follow the instruction step by step and you’re done.

After you done make a website, you can always make post about your selling products and referring it to your amazon affiliate product page or to your own products. It’s totally up to you :) .


Website is Done, but How do I Promote it ?

You can promote your own site in many various ways, maybe using SEO , Paid Advertising , Social Media , Mouth to Mouth World Advertising, Brochure ( if you’re going with local market, it’s really really good advertising ).

I can’t tell you what the best way for promoting it, because all of them have their own unique and effects. I think I’ll explain it a little bit, and let you make a choice with one will you use.

SEO Advertising

What is SEO ? SEO is Search Engine Optimization . Just like it’s name, it makes your site comes up pretty good in search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many many more search engine out there. This is the best advertising method if you want a slow start but steady and long term. This is like building a true business, it needs time but when it’s already become big, you can always make money whenever you want :) .

For this, I know a best place to learn. You can get guide, community, you can ask around and it’s really sure to get the answer :) . No need to be afraid of SEO things anymore. Anyway, you can read my review about SEO Program by going here.

Paid Advertising

This is the best method possible if you want to get money fast! Hmm… But it can be the opposite. If you use it the wrong way, it just make your money gone within a minute :) . I’m not lying, because when I’m learning this thing, I didn’t know anything at first and I lost $25 just in no time. lol :D .

Actually, it’s my luck that I just put $25 on my account. ^^. Anyway, this is the most fast traffic ever, but I didn’t suggest you to use this method if you’re afraid of losing money. Some of good paid advertising program that cheap and good is : Google Advertising , 7search, and facebook.

Social Media

What is social media? Do you know facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Google Plus? They are all Social Media site. If you have many connection at social media site, you should try this as your start up, because it’s required no money and it’s a viral program ! If you share any good items and your reader likes it, they will start spreading it. It is also a part of SEO and Mouth to Mouth World Advertising.

Mouth to Mouth World Advertising and Brochure

If you’re running a local business, or you selling cloth just within your little coverage area or maybe a region, you should like to use this method. Mouth to Mouth World Advertising is really great advertising when it comes to it’s effects. Just imagine if you’re buying a cloth in “A Store” and it’s really has good quality with cheap price, you will immediately tell your friends, and your friends highly possible to buy cloths on “A Store” too and they will spread it to their friend, and so on. The effects of this is unlimited, it’s depend of your products quality and it’s service.

And what about brochure ?

It is the cheapest way of paid advertising ( in my experience ). I said this because I’m trying to promote my products with brochure, and it has a great effects. I give brochure to about 100 person, and 20 of them buy products from me. :)

Wow, about 20% Conversion Rate ! It’s so amazing right? :) This conversion rate is depend of how good your promotion is and how good your brochure design. It must Eye Catching if I can say.



There are to many ways of selling cloths online, but you must know HOW to do it the right way so you will not experiencing failure, or desperate things :) .


Thanks for reading, and maybe you have another thought or there’s something you want to ask me? Just ask within the comment below, and I’ll reply to your comment for sure :) .

Good Luck and Enjoy Your day!!!! ^^

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Google Keyword Tool Alternative. Is There Any of It Out There?


At first, I want to ask. Why do you even try to search another free keyword tool besides Google Keyword Tool?

Do you want the free keyword research that can give you the result of competition too? Show you directly the good keyword?

Do you use google keyword tool, but don’t know how easily to find golden keyword with it? Make sure you’re reading one of my article : How to do Keyword Research for SEO . I think it will help you…

Okay, that’s it for the opening, now we’ll start the main topic. ^^


I’ll Introduce to you to JAAXY Keyword Research Tool

If your question is right up there before this topic, then the answer will be revealed by Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

You’re wandering what’s this and how to use it? I’ll show you below how great Jaaxy is step by step.


What is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is another keyword research tool, just like google keyword tool, market samurai, traffic travis. And what result jaaxy gives?

1) Monthly Search . This is what every keyword tool have, and it’s really important.

2) Estimated Traffic . Show you estimate how much traffic you will get per month if you’re getting #1 on Search Engine.

3) QSR ( Quote Search Result ) . This is a Plus Value of Jaaxy. It’s giving us the result of competition number at google based on our keyword. Keyword Type : [Exact].

4) KQI ( Keyword Quality Indicator ) . Another Plus Plus Value of Jaaxy! Don’t like to do the research? Well.. Jaaxy always ready to tell you the best keyword for you :) . There are 3 Result of this :

A) Green : Great Keyword.

B) Orange : Okay Keyword.

C) Red : Bad Keyword.

Result is based on QSR and Monthly Search. So it will tell you the best one ^^.

5) SEO Power . The higher this value, the better for you to use this keyword. ( Another Plus Value of Jaaxy )

Actually, there are many functionality at Jaaxy, but I’ll just show you this 5 points. Because with just this 5 points, it’s already passed out Google Keyword Research Tool >_<.


Jaaxy Membership Type

There are 3 Membership Type available on Jaaxy. Maybe you’ll just think “So it’s not free?”

I’ll give you the answer… Actually, it’s has free trial account. And if you want to get more, you must pay for it. Of course, All great Keyword Research Tool always give price for it. But, it’s really really CHEAP ! See the Comparison Membership Type below.




See? It’s really really CHEAP !!! And with those features & functionally, it’s really cheap. But it’s up to you want to upgrade or not :) . Try it first for 30 Search Trial. At least within 30 Search trial, you will get many GOLDEN KEYWORD ! That’s the good part ^^.


Step by Step How to Use Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool in the Real Case

Because it’s really easy to get the result, don’t you feel my step by step is to short. Okay? :)

Step 1

Go to Jaaxy Site .


Step 2

Create Trial Account. It’s Free And Easy.


Just fill out First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password and you’re ready to go!! :)

Step 3

After you logged in, you will arrive at “search page”. This is the place where we want to do keyword research.


Step 4

Input keyword that you want to research, in my case it’s : “how to build website”.


There are 2 types of keyword research. But for now, I’ll just show you the “Keyword Phrase” Research. Press Search to Start Analyzing & Get More Keyword Ideas.

Step 5

And Done! Basically, you’re receiving the result right now and see the best keyword to use !! And you can keep another best keyword for the next article, or next target. :)


Look at the result. KQI show you the best keyword to use. Take a look at Green one.. Actually there are 2 Green, and that means you’ll be happy to use that keyword for your target.

The first Keyword is : “build your own website free” . It has 7004 Monthly Search and 182 Real Competitor wih 87 SEO POWER !! Oh My God !! This is real Golden Keyword there. I’d love to use this keyword for sure. :)

And take another look to the other Green “Build Website UK” . I don’t really know what this keyword means. Maybe it’s targeted to Website Builder Company on UK ( Local Marketing ). But it’s really great keyword to for who does Local Marketing with 1115 Search per Month, ONLY 7 Real Competitor, and 93 SEO Power. This is definitely Great Keyword for website company in UK :) .

Final Conclusion

Now now.. I already show you the best keyword research tool alternative besides google. If you really like and want to try, just go to the site : Click Here .

But, if you still prefer Google Keyword Tool as your tools, make sure you read my article about “How to do Keyword Research for SEO” .  It will show you how you can get golden keyword from Google :) .

Enjoy Guys !! Have any thought ? Just leave me a comment below ^^.. Thanks for reading.


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How to do Keyword Research for Seo

What is Keyword Research Purpose ?

Well, when you’re searching something on google like “how do diet in fun way?”, you will found many sites that give you that result.

Keyword Research purpose is to find the BEST KEYWORD for your article or content, so that your site will appear as TOP 1 on Google Search. Or if you’re using yahoo search, it’s find too :) .


Keyword Research Criteria for SEO

Our Criteria of Good Keyword :

1. Total Search Per Month More than 25 ( For best practice )

2. Competition Lower than 100 ( More than this when you’re learning, and you’ll stressed out because you don’t know the result )

Don’t try to target more traffic if the competition more than 100 for this practice.

Are you agree on this Criteria? If yes, then let’s move on :) .


Step by Step How to do Keyword Research for SEO

I will give you step by step and image for you. Click the Image for seeing real image so you can read the text well. That way you will not get confused. Oh and I’m using Free Keyword Tool, so do not worry :) .

Step :

1. Open Google Keyword Tool

2. Wait until completely opened like the image below :


3. Type your main keyword on “word or phrase” field. For example at this case I’ll put “best pc games 2013″

4. Type the captcha

5. See panel on the left ? Checked “[exact]” and uncheck “broad”. It will be like this :



6. Click on button “Search” and it will give you result like this :

gkt37. I like to see this sorted by “Global Monthly Search”, just click on field “Global Monthly Search” and it will be sorted.

8. Now, search for an easy keyword. I prefer to have keyword that have search more than 2000 per month and below than 10000 per month. And if you see it, our main keyword already “IN” for our criteria. It has 5400 search per month.. For this case, we must test first the competition of our main keyword because it’s search per month already good :) .

9. Open new tab on your browser and go to google site.

10. Type “Best PC Games 2013″ with quote on it, and you will find your competition. I’ll show the result below.


11. WOW! it’s 115.000 Results. This value is really bad for practice :) . Now I’ll tell you the fact about the competition value. What you see on google is wrong. The real competition is not 115.000. Actually it just 61 Results. How did I know? Just visit the last page and you will found :


12. Then it’s “IN” for our criteria right? ^^. This is the fact I learned from the BEST Internet Marketing University. For me it’s like a university but it’s more fun than university ^^.. If you interest on this Internet Marketing University, I wrote the review about it. You can see it HERE . And what’s the best part of this university thing? It’s FREE !! If you interest, just go to the link I give ^^.

13. The last thing we must do is “CHECK FOR COMPETITION POWER” . We must see the other top 10 sites ranked in page 1 google, and see how strong they are. Can we make it to the top, or not, or maybe it will takes too much time :) . But I’ll discuss about this in another lessons.

Note : Because of this case is too easy, maybe you’ll find it funny. But it’s true that keyword research is easier than we know. :) . Next Time I’ll post keyword research on harder competition.


And what do you think about this Lesson? Hope you’ll enjoy my tutorial. Just drop comment on this page. I’ll appreciate any feedback ^^.

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